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Updated - August 9, 2021


2022 -- Spring Sports Information



Spring Sports 2022
Boys Volleyball & Girls Softball
   Gym/Field Availability, Principal Approved No Play Requests and TEAM REG - February ?? by 5:00PM
   Coach's Meeting -  
March ?? - 6:00PM at SMG for Girls Softball & Boys Volleyball
Mandatory for Head Coaches
   First day teams may practice - March ?? (both sports)  -- 

   Schedules Out (tentative) - March ?? Boys VBall -- March ?? Girls Softball 
   Principal Verified Rosters Due - March ?? (Boys VBall) and March ?? (Girls SBall) by 5:00PM (both sports)
Start of Season
   Boy's Volleyball - March ??
   Girl's Softball - April ?? (weather permitting)
End of season - May ?? (both sports)


2019 MAISL Spring Sports:
Girl's Softball
    5/6 Grade League
    7/8 Grade League

Boy's Volleyball
   5th Grade League
   6th Grade League
   7th/8th Grade League
Number of leagues for each sport will be determined once we receive all Team Registration information.  If sufficient teams enter we will look at breaking down these sports into grade specific leagues and if too few teams we will look at combined grade level leagues to ensure large enough pools to have competition and viable numbers for tournament events.