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2019 MAISL Softball Rules & Information
Rules to be verified after the 2019 Coach's Meeting

Local rule as of March 24, 2016 for MAISL 5/6 Grade Girls Softball League
Slap Hitting is not allowed in the MAISL 5/6 Grade Girls Softball League
It is our belief that basic skills should be taught and mastered (pitching, catching, throwing, fielding, batting etc) before advanced

technique skills are attempted


Playing Time
MAISL Playing time Rule (also a policy for the Diocese of Madison) continues to be in place for MAISL Softball - We require that all players must play a minimum of one (1) "complete" inning
and would ask that you attempt to get all players on the field for at least two (2) innings if possible.  A "complete" inning will consist of three (3) outs or the institution of the "5-Run per Inning Rule". 
Another option since our games will run approx. 65 minutes of playing time is to have all your players on the field a minimum of 15 minutes of that running time.  Almost all of our games should
go 4-5 innings so getting the girls out on the field for at least 2 innings and/or the 15 minutes minimum should not be a problem for our coaches and their teams.  Thanks for your assistance and have fun.

Clarification - Softball Player Substitution
All players may be freely substituted including the pitcher.  This means a pitcher can be removed during an active inning of play, be sent to the bench and can re-enter the game at a later time in
the pitching position.  They could also re-enter into another field position and then still be placed back on the mound.  They are not required to remain on the field in an alternate player position in
case you want to return them to the mound.

 “5 Run per Inning” rule
An inning will consist of 3 Outs or 5 Runs - whichever comes first. If a team already has 4 runs in an inning, runners on base and a multi-run play happens the play will continue until completion
but the team will be awarded only 1 Run so as to comply with the 5 Run Rule. This rule applies to all innings. MAISL feels that this rule will allow for more innings to be played and more chances
for players to bat and field the ball. 
Note: This rule also applies for extra innings if a tied game at end of regulation

Teams are required to complete all innings. Failure to complete an inning will be considered a forfeit. If a team has 2 forfeits in a season (failure to complete an inning, to few players etc.) they 
may not be allowed to participate in their league’s End of Season Tournament. MAISL has also determined that non-participation in tournament events carries a $250.00 fine as participation is
considered “mandatory” and it is a continuation of normal league play


   5/6 Grade League - No bunting
   7/8 Grade League - Bunting allowed

Dropped third strike - Can the batter run to first base
   5/6 Grade League - No
   7/8 Grade League - Yes

Base Runner - Lead-off/Stealing   
   5/6 Grade League - No stealing and no lead-off
   7/8 Grade League - May steal this includes home on a passed ball, lead-off allowed only after ball has left the  
   pitcher's hand

2019 MAISL Girls Softball (4-11-15)
Madison Area Independent Sports League

Rainout / Site Information – Call 845-2333

Reporting Scores
The umpires will be reporting scores.
Reporting methods - email Michael Schultz at    (preferred method of reporting)
- call Ray Shunk (Cell number 575-3673) – Girls Softball Commissioner
- call Michael Schultz (Cell number 575-1215) - Back-up Girls Softball Commissioner

Standings will be posted to the MAISL website      maislathletics.org

Rain Outs
Calls will be made to host schools regarding field conditions 1 ½ hour before the first scheduled game. Your school’s representative will get a call at least one hour prior to the start of games
and will call you or your school’s designee.

MAISL Sports Information Line – Call 845-2333 for info (do NOT leave a message).
ONLY the Softball Commissioner or Board Chairperson/Program Director can delay, cancel or postpone games

Game Ball
12" for 5th/6th Grade 
12” for 7th/8th Grade
Each team will be given 4 new balls at the coaches meeting.

Length of Game
5 Innings or 1 hour & 5 minutes – whatever occurs first.  Games scheduled every 75 minutes
No inning will start after 65 minutes unless the game is tied (No umpire’s discretion)

Run Rule
Game may be called if there is a 15 run lead after 3 innings. If both coaches agree, the game can continue for the full time-limit or 5 innings whichever comes first

5th/6th Grade – No stealing – this includes stealing home on a passed ball
7th/8th Grade - Base runners may not leave the base until the ball has left the pitcher’s hand. A runner may steal home on a passed ball. Any runner who leaves a base prior to the pitch
will be called out and the ball is "dead".

Base runner must slide into base if there is a close play. This is to try to avoid serious player contact. Any player who does not slide will be called out. Close play is at the discretion of the umpire.

Infield Fly Rule
This rule is in effect for all MAISL games.

Detailed Definition of Infield Fly Rule
The infield fly rule applies whenever there are runners on first and second (or all three bases) with less than two outs and the batter hits a fly ball (not a line drive or bunt) into fair territory which can be caught
by an infielder with ordinary effort. The umpire must invoke the rule - if no umpire calls "infield fly," the rule is not invoked. It is a judgment call.
When the infield fly rule is invoked and the ball remains fair, the batter is automatically out thereby removing the force for the runners on base. Runners may advance at their own risk. There is no need for a
runner on base to advance. If an infield fly is caught, runners may tag up and advance if they choose. But note that they must still tag up if the ball is caught. If a called infield fly is dropped, runners may
advance without needing to return to base to tag up. Really the only thing which occurs outside the normal play is the batter is out - there is no force.

- All players on offense must wear a helmet w/facemask (batters, on deck and student
  base coaches)
- Catcher must wear a mask with throat protector, helmet, chest protector and shin guards.
- Baseball and/or soccer cleats may be worn (NO metal cleats are allowed)
- Mouth guards are recommended

First-Aid Kit
All teams must provide their own first-aid kit. (This is MAISL Policy for all sports teams.)

- No jewelry will be allowed (earrings, watches, rings, necklaces, etc. – this includes friendship  
  bracelets). The exception to this rule is the medical alert identification. These must be taped or
- Hard casts are not allowed. Soft casts will be allowed upon approval by both coaches.

5th/6th Grade – 10 players on the field (rover in the outfield)
7th/8th Grade – 9 players on the field
A minimum of 7 players are needed to start a game
Any player not on the roster at the start of the game who shows up can be added to the roster but must be added to the end of the roster. 
Any player listed on the roster who is not in attendance at the start of the game or leaves early can not be replaced at that position on the game roster and when their position on the roster
comes up to bat the team will incur an out each time that position comes up.

All players must be on the official roster at the start of the game. All players will bat. The "5-Run Rule" per inning will be in effect or 3 outs depending on what occurs first.

Pitching/Base lengths
5th/6th Grade – NOW 35 foot pitching distance (Changed from 40' at the 3-20-13 MAISL SBall Coach's Meeting)
7th/8th Grade – 40 foot pitching distance
60 foot base distances

5/6 Pitching Rule – NEW in 2015
After a player pitches 4 "balls" to a batter, the coach for the team batting will hustle on the field to pitch to the batter. The strike count will remain and the batter will either need to put
he ball in play or strike out. The 5/6 pitcher will move to the glove side of the coach in line with the pitching rubber. The coach must pitch from the pitching circle or pitching rubber.
The coach is considered a part of the field if a batted ball hits the coach or glove

Pitcher Warm-ups
Beginning a game, or when a pitcher relieves another pitcher, not more than one minute may be used to deliver not more than 5 pitches. (Please have catchers ready.)

Courtesy Runners
Allowed for injured players. 

It is highly recommended that after 2 outs you provide a courtesy runner for your catcher so they can prepare for the next inning of play.

Playing Time
To comply with Diocesan Policy all players must play a minimum of ¼ of each game. If a player is on the bench due to injury and/or disciplinary reasons the opposing coach must be
informed prior to the start of the game. (See note at top of page about this rule)

Tie-Breaker Procedure
 The visiting team will place a runner (the last "official" batter from the previous inning) on
     second base.
 The visiting team has three outs to score as many runs as possible* - See clarification below
 After three outs, the home team will follow the same procedure.
 The team that scores the most runs will be declared the winner. If the score is still tied at the
     completion of the additional inning the procedure will be repeated.

NOTE/CLARIFICATION: The "5-Run Rule" still applies in extra innings so - The "Score as many runs as possible" is capped at 5-Runs to comply with the 5-Run Rule

Tournaments and League Champion
Tournaments are at the discretion of the league and Program Commissioner. League champion will be determined by the best win/loss record. If more than one team has the same
record, there will be multiple championship trophies awarded.