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May 10, 2023

2023 MAISL Girls Softball

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We will have a very minimal season this year but want to make sure the girls have a chance to play within the MAISL Program. 
We are also working with WMLL Softball to try and get scrimmages cross-league with their teams and ours

Friday, May 12th at McGraw N & E Fields
   N Field - SHS 7/8 vs BSS 7/8
   E Field - SHS 5/6 vs HPCS

   N Field - BSS 7/8 vs SHS 7/8
   E Field - HPCS vs SHS 5/6


Saturday, May 20th at Sacred Hearts Field
     9:00AM - BSS 7/8 vs SHS 7/8
   10:15AM - SHS 7/8 vs BSS 7/8
   11:30AM - SHS 5/6 vs HPCS
   12:45PM - HPCS vs SHS 5/6