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Update - 8-14-13

On this page we will post items of importance not only for new coaches but for all coaches who participate in the MAISL Program.  We would ask that you take a moment to review these items and implement them into your coaching style.  Some are as the page title suggests "philosophical" in nature while others are actual policy.  Thanks to all who give of their time and talent to work with and coach the youth of our schools.

Remember, for many this will be the only time that they may wear a jersey with a school name on it so we ask that you teach them not only about sports... but life, teamwork, leadership and loyalty.  As coaches you are asked to model proper behavior to these impressionable young girls and boys.

Playing Time

The Diocese of Madison Policy Handbook states that a goal to be attained is "each player will play a minimum of ¼ of the total game and/or match"; MAISL has adopted this into our rules. There are situations that arise that may negate this and coaches are asked to make the opposing coach and the MAISL official (referee, scorekeeper etc.) aware of special circumstances prior to the start of the game/match. These include, but are not limited to: injury, academic ineligibility and restricted play due to behavioral problems, lack of attendance at practices etc. Each school/parish has a different rule about players not participating and how they may be dressed while on the team bench. We would ask that if your school allows a player to sit on the team bench and wear the team’s jersey that the rest of what they wear are street clothes, so that they are differentiated from active players. We would ask that the coaches also make their administrator aware of these situations so if questions arise the school and it’s administration have full knowledge of a player’s situation. This will help minimize issues with other schools and their teams/coaches/parents as well as concerns within the school that has the non-participating student/athlete.

Below is a letter that all coaches are asked to sign and hand in to their respective school offices at the beginning of each MAISL sport season

Madison Area Independent Sports League
TO: All Coaches
RE: MAISL Coaching Philosophy 2013-2014
The standards of performance and behavior for our coaches are high, as they must be, to provide the quality of training necessary for the children participating in our programs.  The Players our coaches are working with are currently attending 5th through 8th grade.  Children of these ages are eager to learn, anxious to please, and expected to be highly impressionable.
Coaches must be constantly aware that they are official representatives of their home school as well as MAISL.  As members of this community they can expect to be in the presence or line of sight of a child from their school or other MAISL participating schools and/or parishes at any time or any place.  The behavior of coaches anytime or anywhere, both on and off the practice and game fields may have an impact on the children, the school or MAISL.
In addition to teaching the skills required to play Football, Volleyball, Basketball or Softball our Coaches are charged with the responsibility of teaching their teams, by example and precept, to respect their school, the league and contest officials.  Further, the Coaches must be supportive of any adverse decisions by any of these parties by refraining from critical comments in public, in the media, or in the presence of the children.
The Coaches are also to develop, communicate, and model policies for children’s conduct and language at practice, during competition, and at all other appropriate times.
The expectations of the Madison Area Independent Sports League (MAISL) include acknowledgement by the coaches that their roles as mentors to the children will be more important than the winning or losing of games.  Those who are not willing to make their best effort to meet these standards would be well advised to step aside for those who would.
While Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball are the activities for which we gather, these activities are truly the least important reasons for the existence of the MAISL organization.  We are here to provide an opportunity for all interested children who wish to experience the joy of sport, the honor of wearing their school’s colors and the chance not only to play a team sport with their schoolmates, but to grow as individuals.
I have read the above statement and agree to adhere to it as a coach of a participating school in the Madison Area Independent Sports League (MAISL).

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