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MAISL News & Important Information

MAISL will post important information on this page for your review.  This will include notices of schedule changes, game delays, postponements or cancellations.

MAISL Winter Weather Policy posted January 5, 2018 
This policy/procedure was a coperative effort by MAISL and our participating school Principals

Click link below for the "CURRENT" Policy
https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/MAISL Weather Policy - New 2018.pdf


Basketball - Intentional Foul versus Flagrant Foul
We have had some questions regarding the difference between these two (2) fouls and hope this provides some clarification
Example #1:
An intentional foul does not carry an ejection as part of the penalty. The signal is both fists raised and the wrists crossed.
Example #2

A Flagrant Foul is a "Technical Foul" and does require an ejection. One example of a Flagrant Foul can be similar to an Intentional Foul, yet deemed more severe and unnecessary. Another is any form of unsportsmanlike conduct (words/inappropriate language, fighting, other actions, etc).

There is always a question regarding players wearing jewelry during basketball games.  The WIAA/NFHS does not allow players to wear any jewelry other than medical alert or religious medal.

It is MAISL's position that all players shall comply with the NO JEWELRY rule.  We recommend that athletes not get their ears pierced just prior to the start of the season but removal of earrings/studs for an hour to an hour & one-half will not close the piercing so all players even those with new piercings shall be in compliance with this rule.

Rule Clarification for MAISL - T-shirt under jersey 
MAISL has opted to modify the current WIAA/NFHS rule regarding t-shirts under basketball jerseys. 

The WIAA requires that all players wishing to wear shirts under their jersey must match the primary body color of the jersey and all players wearing them must have the same sleeve length

MAISL Rule - MAISL will allow a  t-shirt matching the primary color of the jersey OR a white t-shirt to be worn under jerseys.  Players will have the choice of short sleeve or sleeveless.  Players do not need to have matching t-shirts but they must comply with these rules.

Coach's Seat-Belt Rule
MAISL Has a seat-belt rule for coaches.  You must remain seated during play unless you are standing to request a time-out or reacting to a play. You must return to your seat after jumping up to applaud/cheer for a great play. Coaches who fail to comply will be warned and if they continue to fail to comply will be given a technical foul for a bench penalty.  Severe or inappropriate reactions to a play as deemed by the game officials may result in a warning, a technical foul or possible ejection.  This applies to ALL players, coaches and fans in attendance at MAISL athletic activities.
Player Participation - Legal Roster (forfeits)
If a team/squad forfeits two (2) or more games/matches they may be removed from participation in the "League" end of season tournament.  The school/team may also be fined $250.00 for failure to participate in that event since a team/squad submitted for MAISL participation is committed to participate from the first scheduled day of practice until the final day of the scheduled league end of season tournament.

Please see the Sports Schedule Page for information regarding the MAISL SPORTS INFORMATION LINE 

What if games are delayed, postponed or cancelled:
MAISL will use the following procedures to inform school and teams about game changes.  These may change from sport to sport.  Please remember that there will be times that the ONLY method of notification will be via the MAISL Sports Information Line  aka MAISL Message Center (845-2333) since we can change that from any telephone and do not need an internet connection

If severe weather is in the local area and we are able to make a decision early we will post to the MAISL Sports Information Line 845-2333 and send a fax out to schools by approx. 1:45PM.   If weather is "expected" but not here or may alter it's course, teams are expected to show up at Vilas Park and games may be at "Referee's Discretion".

Volleyball & Basketball
1 - A message will be posted to the MAISL Sports Information Line - 845-2333
2 - A note will be placed on the website Homepage directing you to this page for more info
3 - Individual MAISL Reps. will be called and it is their responsibility to call their school's coaches
4 - A complete message will be posted on the News/Important Notice Page

Basketball - The "CURRENT"  Winter Weather Policy is posted above

Same procedure as listed for Volleyball & Basketball

If changes are made far enough in advance we will alter the league schedules on the Schedules Page of this website and send out revisions to all schools via fax and email

What is a "weather advisory" per Carlos Tucker-Channel 15 -- "heads up weather is on the way - it is not a watch or a warning"

Only the MAISL Chairperson and/or the Program Commissioners can make changes in game status. 
If your information is not verified as coming from one of these sources we ask that you assume all games will play  as scheduled until you are told information has come from the individuals listed above.

Any game day changes in schedule and posting of information will be made a minimum of 1 hour prior to the first scheduled match/game of the day.  Program Commissioners and the MAISL Chairperson will confer with each other and possibly host schools as to status of roads and venues.  We will take into consideration current weather conditions, forecasted weather, road conditions and venue locations.

MAISL asks that when you read or listen to a message about game changes that you review the entire message as we may be selective in changes. 
Simply put: Some games may be changed and some may not so PLEASE, read and listen to everything before you determine if you are to attend a game/match.

Neither our participating schools nor the local school public school districts have a "hard and fast rule" when it comes to snowfall.  This has always been a decision made on a case by case basis. There is a policy for extreme cold weather conditions and MAISL will adhere to that as we assume our schools will too by closing their facilities to competition.  Policy states that schools do not close for a Wind Chill Advisory, therefore if the National Weather Service posts an "Advisory" we will still follow our schedule of games for that day.

Safety of our athletes, coaches and fans is our primary concern.  Decisions will be made only after things have been fully discussed and of course, any school Principal can make a personal choice regarding the status of their respective school's teams and venue.


Copied from the Madison Public Schools website:


 When schools are closed because of extreme cold
When the National Weather Service has a wind chill WARNING for Dane County in effect for the time just before the school day begins, we will make a decision if our schools should close. It is quite likely we will make the closing decision on the morning of the day in question. If there is a wind chill ADVISORY (not a WARNING) for the county, schools will likely be open
. (Thresholds from National Weather Service)
Update - January 2016
   Madison Public Schools have made an adjustment regarding Temps/Wind Chills.  They may no longer use
   the -35 threshold but "will consider" closing at -25.  This is NOT a mandatory decision if temps are -25 but
   a new position that will be implemented on a case by case basis.