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MAISL Sport Rules

These rules apply to ALL MAISL Sport activities and may not be listed on sport specific rules sheets but all schools, tams, coaches and parents should be aware of these general MAISL Sport Rules

Changes or adjustments in rules for individual MAISL sports will be posted on this page for your review.  Additional pages will show the entire MAISL rule set for each sport.  These may be posted under the Rules Page or as a downloadable file on the Documents Page.  Unless noted as "sport specific" MAISL rules will apply to ALL of the MAISL sponsored sport activities (league and tournament play).  Independently sponsored activities may adjust rules for their own events.  You may also look on the FAQ Page for more information.

General Rules Note
MAISL will follow WIAA/NFHS sport rules for all of our sports but we will also enforce local rules specific to each of our sports and grade specific leagues -
MAISL rules as well as policies for the Diocese of Madison will apply for all MAISL league and tournament games
MAISL rules do not change for tournaments, all league rules are still in place during tournaments
MAISL recommends especially in Volleyball, Basketball and Softball that each bench keep their "book" properly and accurately - This means you keep track of both teams.  MAISL will not discuss scoring adjustments with teams that do not have both rosters and stats shown in their book (we will address your team but you can not question the other team's score or stats if you have no documentation to support your questioning).

When can a team use the MAISL Player Substitution/Addition Form (rev 3-23-11)
To add a player(s): If a current student and/or new student decides to participate on their grade appropriate team after the Team Registration submittal date the school will submit this form to the league.  A "new" player can not be added after the "Freeze" date for rosters.  This date is 30 days before each league's End of Season Tournament (" Freeze Date" for Fall Sports is 14 days prior to End of Season Tournaments due to short length of season)
To substitute a player(s): A school may substitute players up to the number of players fielded for a given sport "plus" one (1) substitute. EXAMPLE: Football 7 + 1, Volleyball 6 + 1, Basketball 5 + 1, Softball - 5/6 League - 10 + 1 & 7/8 League - 9 + 1.  If the team is inside the 30 day limit prior to their End of Season Tournament they are to submit for a "hardship" exception before they add any players. (See above note for Fall Sports dates)
Clarification - September 29, 2011 - When substituting players from a lower grade level team to an upper grade level team the upper level team must always be more than 50% of it's "original" Principal Verifed Roster
All uses of this form for either additions and/or substitutions require the signed approval of the school Principal or another individual approved by the MAISL Executive Board

POSTED - February 18, 2011
Non-Players on Team Bench
There have been a few questions this year regarding the number of non-players (coaches, scorekeepers etc.) that may be on a team bench during MAISL competition.  The answer is three (3) only 2 of which may be coaches.  That means if you are an 8th Grade Team you may have an 8th Grade student on the bench as your designated scorekeeper (this may be due to illness, injury, academic probation or just an interested student who is the Team Manager) otherwise the 3rd adult must be actively keeping the team scorebook.  Please keep in mind that MAISL officials (referees and/or scorekeepers) have the right to question the number of non-players on a team bench and may ask that some individuals remove themselves from the bench area.  "Official" team scorekeepers must be on the team bench

POSTED - November 3, 2008
MAISL Basketball - Rule clarification
Shirts worn under basketball jerseys
There has been discussion over the past season regarding this rule and it's enforcement.  MAISL has decided to implement a local version of the WIAA/NFHS rule.
MAISL athletes may wear t-shirts under their jersey providing they match the body color of the uniform or are all white.  MAISL will also allow for either short-sleeve or sleeveless versions of these t-shirts. 
This will be up to each individual athlete, MAISL will not require that all team members wear the same type of garmet under their jersey.


Playing Time

The Diocese of Madison Policy Handbook states that a goal to be attained is "each player will play a minimum of ¼ of the total game and/or match"; MAISL has adopted this into our rules. There are situations that arise that may negate this and coaches are asked to make the opposing coach and the MAISL official (referee, scorekeeper etc.) aware of special circumstances prior to the start of the game/match. These include, but are not limited to: injury, academic ineligibility and restricted play due to behavioral problems, lack of attendance at practices etc. Each school/parish has a different rule about players not participating and how they may be dressed while on the team bench. We would ask that if your school allows a player to sit on the team bench and wear the team’s jersey that the rest of what they wear are street clothes, so that they are differentiated from active players. We would ask that the coaches also make their administrator aware of these situations so if questions arise the school and it’s administration have full knowledge of a player’s situation. This will help minimize issues with other schools and their teams/coaches/parents as well as concerns within the school that has the non-participating student/athlete.