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MAISL Sports Schedules

2021 - 2022 MAISL Sports

MAISL Sports Calendar posted on 2021-2022 MAISL Calendar Page

Individual League Schedules will also be posted under the Sports Schedules tab

League and Tournament schedules will be posted on the MAISL Organization page under "DOCUMENTS".  Look for them under the appropriate gender (Girls or Boys) and click on proper file for either League or Tournament schedule information.  These files will be updated as soon as we receive the information from Program Commissioners and/or MAISL Scheduling Committee

MAISL Message Center

For the latest updates regarding delays, postponements or cancellations please call the MAISL Message Center at 845-2333.

Any game changes in MAISL Football should be posted on the Message Center by approx. 1:45PM. 

For ALL other sports (Girls & Boys Volleyball, Girls & Boys Basketball and Girls Softball) MAISL will determine if there is a need for schedule changes and post that information a minimum of 1 hour prior to the first scheduled game/match of the day.  MAISL Reps and host schools will be called.  It is the responsibility of the individual school MAISL Rep. to contact their respective coaches.

If the message has not been changed all games/matches will play as scheduled.  Please listen to the entire message as it may be venue/grade/gender specific.  We will also note the date and time when the message is changed. 
Changes can be made ONLY by the MAISL Program Director, Chairperson or Program Commissioners