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MAISL League Standings

MAISL will post league standings for each of it's sports leagues under this heading.  Please look at the drop-down menu and select the sport you want.

Missing game or match results:
If we are missing scores for a specific sport and/or league we will place a request for information regarding those contests on this page.  We would ask that either a Coach, Team Manager or MAISL Rep. respond to us with this information.  Make sure that you identify yourself and your school affiliation in your response - Please use the Feedback button on the homepage.  Responses from individuals other than those listed above will require MAISL to contact a school official to verify the accuracy of the submitted game/match results

 MAISL Football Game Results:
Winning coaches are asked to provide MAISL with the final score of their game.  Coaches were informed of this at the Coach's Meeting and reporting information is posted on each league's schedule.  You can report game results by calling 575-1215 and leaving a message on voicemail, email them to or use the Feedback Button on the home page of the MAISL website.

MAISL Tie-Breaker Procedure
If 2 or more teams have identical Win/Loss records MAISL will award Co or Tri Champions Trophies to each team
In case of a tie for league championship MAISL will use the following for a tie-breaker procedure to seed tournaments
1 - League Win/Loss
        In all sports except Volleyball this is games won & lost.  In Volleyball we will first use matches won & lost 
        and if tied we will then use individual games won & lost.  That is why all teams are to play out all 3 games 
        in each Volleyball match.
2 - Head to Head results
3 - Common Opponents
4 - Coin Toss