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Updated - 3-5-13

MAISL - Frequently Asked Questions


What is MAISL

MAISL – Madison Area Independent Sports League
Comprised of 12 Madison area Catholic and Christian schools and parishes

What Sports are Provided

Girl’s Volleyball - 5, 6, 7 & 8 Grade Leagues – Early September through mid-November
Touch Football – 5/6 & 7/8 Grade Leagues – Early September through late Oct. 
Boys & Girls Basketball – 5, 6, 7 & 8 Grade Leagues – Early December through mid-March
Girl’s Softball – 5/6 & 7/8 Grade Leagues – mid-April to late May
Boy’s Spring Volleyball – Leagues based upon number of teams – Early April to late May

Who is the Governing Authority

MAISL Executive Board (Representatives from all participating schools/parishes)
Boy’s Program Commissioner
Girl’s Program Commissioner
Associate Commissioners as approved by MAISL Board
Principal’s Representative (MAPA Rep.)

Are MAISL Executive Board Meetings Open

Yes – unless designated closed session
All meetings are designated "open session" unless special circumstance

Individuals who are not Board members must submit a request to league if they wish to address the Board (verbal or email with the knowledge of administrator for their school/parish) A section of an open meeting can be designated as a "closed session" if necessary

Rules/Documents Used

Rules & Regulations addendum
Diocese of Madison Policy Handbook
MAISL sports rules
WIAA/National Federation rules – Local rules will apply as approved
MAISL Reschedule Procedure (see below for more info)
School handbooks/Athletic rules – These used within the walls of individual participating schools
Please see MAISL website - Documents Page - for additional forms used during the course of the year

Is there a MAISL Game/Match Reschedule Policy

There is a procedure in place to handle game/match reschedules due to school/parish conflicts created after receipt of school submittals to MAISL Scheduling Committee by approved dates.
Coaches may not reschedule their own games – They must utilize the reschedule procedure  
Schedule problems (errors) created by MAISL may be addressed by the appropriate Program Commissioner provided all coaches and participating school administrators have been informed

Does Everybody Play

The Diocese of Madison Policy Handbook states that a goal to be attained is "each child should play a minimum of ¼ of each game and/or match"; MAISL has adopted this into our rules. There are situations that arise that may negate this and coaches are asked to make the opposing coach and the MAISL official (referee, scorekeeper etc.) aware of special circumstances prior to the start of the game/match. These include, but are not limited to: injury, academic ineligibility and restricted play due to behavioral problems, lack of attendance at practices etc. Each school/parish has a different rule about players not participating and how they may be dressed while on the team bench. We would ask that if your school allows a player to sit on the team bench and wear the team’s jersey that the rest of what they wear are street clothes, so that they are differentiated from active players. We would ask that the coaches also make their administrator aware of these situations so if questions arise the school and it’s administration have full knowledge of a player’s situation. This will help minimize issues with other schools and their teams/coaches/parents as well as concerns within the school that has the non-participating student/athlete.

Game/Match Forfeiture

If a team forfeits two (2) or more games/matches they may be removed from participation in their respective league End of Season Tournament.  If this arises the MAISL Executive Board will take each case under consideration and make a determination.  Teams may also be fined $250.00 for failure to participate in the League End of Season Tournament due to a rules violation.

Player Additions - Roster "Freeze" Date

Any school wishing to add players after they have submitted ther Princiapl Verifed Roster will be required to fill out and submit to MAISL a Player Addition/Substitution
Form prior to the student participating in MAISL competition. 
Schools shall "Freeze" their rosters one (1) month before each league End of Season Tournament ("Freeze Date" for Fall & Spring Sports is 14 days before End of Season Tournaments due to short season length).  Students can only be added after that date by submittal of the above mentioned Form and a request for "hardship status" stating the need for the player addition.
This may be determined by the MAISL Chairperson or may be handed over to the MAISL Executive Bord for review and approval or refusal.

How are tournaments seeded?
We use the following graduated steps to determine seeding for our end of season MAISL Tournaments
1 - Individual team win/loss records
2 - If tied - Head to Head competition
3 - If still tied - Common opponents (if one team has beat the #1 seed and another has not they will be seeded higher, if they have lost to a lower seeded team they will be 
     seeded lower)
4 - If still tied - Coin Toss


2009-2010 - MAISL has replaced ribbons in the 5th & 6th Grade League Tournaments with medals.  
"NEW for 2011-2012" - MAISL Tournament Champion t-shirts will be presented to tournament champions of each sport and division. (Per MAISL Board Sept. 2011)

MAISL will provide each participating school/parish (as of Fall 2004) with a permanent plaque and engraved plates for those plaques when a school/team wins a Tournament Championship

League Champion – Trophy (team)
Tournaments (if held) – Medals for 5/6 Grade League – Medals for 7/8Grade League

Girl's Volleyball
League Champion – Trophy (team)
Tournaments – Medals 5th & 6th Grade Leagues – Medals 7th & 8th Grade Leagues (individual)

Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball – Same as Volleyball

Girl’s Softball – Same as Football

Boy’s Spring Volleyball – Same as Football

Note: At Commissioner’s discretion and with MAISL Board approval (all leagues and sports): Individual tournament awards are 1st-4th Place or 1st & 2nd Place and Consolation Champion & 2nd Place Consolation. This will be based upon tournament configuration.

Who can participate

Individual school/parish rules will apply to their teams

Schools may augment their rosters from Religious Education (individual school/parish policy applies).  A roster must be more than 50% school students.  A school my not add R.E. students just to field a second team.  When using the MAISL Player Substitution/Addition Form teams must always be more than 50% of the original Principal Verified Roster.  Students from the RE Program must be noted as such on Principal Verified Roster and schools must make sure that they are actiive participants in the religious education program of the church

There is not a comprehensive MAISL grade policy –This is determined by individual school/parishes therefore academic eligibility is determined by in-school criteria

The position of MAISL is as follows:
Any school student may participate on a school team or squad
Teams are entered into grade appropriate leagues.
Combined teams must play up to the level of the highest grade student/athlete (a team can not play down a grade level just because the majority of the squad members are from a lower grade level)  Schools may submit requests to the MAISL Executive Board for special consideration prior to the start of the season.

Where do we play

Football – Vilas Park -- Monday - Friday (St. Dennis - occasional Saturday) NOTE: Sites changed for Fall 2012 - Whenona and Thut Parks will be used this season

Volleyball – Gyms of participating schools

Basketball – Gyms of participating schools

Girl’s Softball – St. Dennis School in Madison, St. Francis Xavier School in Cross Plains, Sacred Hearts School in Sun Prairie and Centennial or Meadowbrook Park in Waunakee -- NEW for 2012 -- McKee Farm Park in Fitchburg and Winnequah Park in Monona

Boy’s Spring Volleyball – Gyms of participating schools