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MAISL Contact Information
Please contact your school before you contact MAISL.  If you need information from MAISL please provide us with your name, school, team (grade/color/gender) and contact information so that we can respond to you.  Please tell us if you are a Coach, Parent, Player or fan of MAISLathletics.

We ask that your first option to contact MAISL is by using the Feedback button on the Homepage of the MAISLathletics website.

The individuals listed here can assist you with information regarding MAISL policy, administration, schedules and tournaments.  If you are looking for something specific to an individual school or team please contact your school office, Athletic Association or your school's MAISL Representative.
MAISL Chairperson
Michael Schultz
Eves/Weekends/Game day - 575-1215 (cell)
Email - (or use feedback button on homepage)
Fax - 274-2557 (must call first)

MAISL Sec/Treas
(Only MAISL Reps., Principals or Athletic Association Treasurers are to contact the MAISL Sec/Treas regarding official MAISL business. An official with a question should contact either the MAISL Chairperson or the individual who assigned them to a MAISL game/match)
Mark Drachenberg
Mr. Drachenberg will send school billings to your Athletic Association Treasurer or school designate as per information provided MAISL by participating schools.  If you need information from Mr. Drachenberg please contact your MAISL Rep., they will pass on your request for information to our Sec/Treas.
'17 - '18 MAPA Rep. (Area-3 Principal's Rep. to MAISL Executive Board)
Principals will rotate attending MAISL Board Meetings this year
Point of Contact: Mr Steve Castrogiovanni - Blessed Sacrament School

Program Commissioners

Michael Schultz - Football & Basketball (see additional contact information above)
Email -

Ray Shunk - Basketball & Girl's Softball
Tel. - 575-3673
Email - N/A

Deanna Grahn - Boy's & Girl's Volleyball
Tel. - 772-1692
Email -

Michael Schultz can be contacted for any of the sports listed above and will in turn contact the appropriate MAISL officer responsible for providing that information.

(We would ask that this be the preferred method of contact)
Use feedback button on Homepage to contact any of the individuals listed above.  We will get back to you with an answer to your question/comment.  If we can not give you a full and complete answer right away we will tell you that as well and then follow-up when we have everything.  Please keep in mind some schools ask us to provide information to the MAISL Rep. or Principal when someone from their school contacts MAISL