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Updated -- September 6, 2023

Football Equipment Option - In 2018 we will allow the "Tag-A-Flag Sonic" flag belt set as official equipment - Teams may also continue to use the velcro flag sets provided during the 2017 season


We have eliminated the "defer" option at Coin Toss.  
You will have the choice of Kick or Receive and will have the opposite at start of 2nd Half 
Example: If you kick at start of game you receive at start of 2nd Half

Equipment/Rules change for 2022 -- We have changed from the Youth size football to the
JUNIOR Size ball for this season in the 5/6 while retaining the YOUTH Size in 7/8


  1. START of GAME
    1. Coin flip, called by the Visiting Team, determines possession, etc.
      1. Team that wins the flip chooses to receive, defend a goal, or defer.
    2. HOME Team is responsible for adults working Down and Distance Markers.
    1. FOUR 10 Minute Quarters
      1. 2 Minutes between Quarters
      2. 5 Minute Halftime
    2. FIRST 9 MINUTES of each Quarter, Running Clock
      1. Clock STOPS:
        1. On Incomplete Pass until ball is Ready for Play
        2. On Change of Possession until ball is Ready for Play
        3. After all Scoring Plays until Kickoff Receiver touches ball
    3. LAST MINUTE of EACH Quarter, Clock STOPS:
      1. on Incomplete Passes, Out of Bounds, Change of Possession
        1. Starts on the Snap of the Ball

**As in all “Regular” Football Rules**

    1. Offense has 30 Seconds to snap the ball once the ball is “Ready for Play”.
      1. Referee will ‘count’ last 5 seconds before calling Delay of Game Penalty.
      2. On Punts, Punting Team has 30 Seconds to punt the ball.
    1. Each team is allowed TWO Timeouts per Half.
    2. Timeout is 2 Minutes in length.
    3. If Timeout precedes a Punt, Clock starts when the ball is touched by the Receiving Team.
  1. OVERTIME (revised Sept 2015)
    1. Coin Flip will determine which team will begin on Offense/End of Field play will take place.
    2. 1st OT - Each team will be given 4 Downs from the same 20 Yard Line to score a touchdown and select a 1 or 2 point conversion
    3. If 2nd OT - If tied after 1st OT the team advancing the ball the farthest on their 4 Downs wins. 
    4. In the event the 1st team scores a Touchdown, the remaining downs are eliminated and the opponent is given their 4 Downs to score a Touchdown and obtain a Tie.

**They DO NOT have to score their Touchdown in the same number of plays as the opponent. **

  1. In the event of an Intercepted Pass the remaining downs are eliminated for that team, but the team receives credit for the number of yards gained before the Interception.
  2. Repeat in case of a Tie after each Overtime Period.
  3. Each team is allowed 1 Timeout during each Overtime Period.
    1. Official NFHS approved “JUNIOR” size football is used – rubber or leather is allowed. (Size change for 2022 Season)
    2. All players are required to wear Mouth Guards.
    3. NO Jewelry (of any type) is allowed.
    4. Jerseys must remain tucked in.
    5. Plastic or rubber cleats are allowed.
      1. No metal or metal tipped cleats allowed.
    6. No padding may be worn. Exceptions are:
      1. Elbow Pads
      2. Padding for an injury (which must be shown to and approved by the Referee prior to game)
    7. Teams are responsible for providing their own First-Aid Kit.
    8. Flag Sets - Either velcro flag sets or Tag-A-Flag Sonic will be allowed
    1. 7 Players play
    2. A team may start the game (and continue play) with not less than 5 Players
    3. 3 Players must be on the line of scrimmage on offense when the ball is snapped.
      • Penalty for less is 5 yards.
      • (Officials are requested to use good discretion where the line of scrimmage is difficult to determine. Penalties should not be called unless there are obviously more than 4 players in the backfield.)

        d. ALL offensive players ARE “Eligible Receivers.”
        e. 2 Players must be on the line of scrimmage on defense when the ball is snapped
    Must remain in the designated areas on the Sideline (as do Players not in the game).
    1. In 5/6 League One is allowed to be on the field during play.
    2. In 7/8 League are allowed on the field only during Timeouts and between Quarters.
    1. The field is 80 Yards and divided into 10 Yard sections.
    2. Team must cross 2 ‘lines’ in 4 downs to gain a First Down.
    3. The ball is considered to have ‘crossed a line’ if any point of it is on, over or above the line.
    1. A substitution is complete when the new player has entered the field and the replaced player has left (on their own side) so that neither is used to deceive opponent (ie: ‘sleeper’ type play).
    2. Teams sub at the risk of not being able to complete the substitution before the snap/kick.
    3. The exiting player may not return until after 1 Play.
  • PENALTY- Illegal Substitution - 5 yards; Illegal Participation - 15 yards

(includes too many players on the field during a play; or using sleeper type of play)
**Referees should not permit any substitution to hinder their positioning on the field.**

    1. Touchdown - 6 Points
      1. After Touchdown –
        1. 1 Point if scored from the 3 Yard Line
        2. 2 Points if scored from 5 Yard Line

**Coach decides immediately after Touchdown if they will “go for” 1 or 2**

  1. Safety - 2 Points
    1. Kickoff from 30 yard line on a 80 yard field. Restraining Line is 40 yard line (midfield)
      1. Receiving Team has 3 players at their Restraining Line until the ball is kicked.
      2. Kickoff out of bounds past the receiving team’s 30 yard line is placed on their 30.
        1. If out of bounds before the 30, placed at the spot of going out of bounds.
      3. After the kickoff crosses the restraining line, it is in play and is treated as a punted ball.
        1. It is NOT a free ball and cannot be recovered or advanced by the kicking team.
        2. If, after being touched by a player on the receiving team, the ball touches the ground, it is dead at the spot it touches the ground.
    2. Punting Team must declare if they are punting or ‘going for it’ on 4th down.
      1. NO RUSH on punts.
      2. Punting team must position 1 player on both sides of the punter.
      3. If snapped ball touches the ground, the play is NOT dead. Punter picks up the ball and continues with the punt.
      4. Punting team may not cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.
      5. Receiving team must have 2 players on the line of scrimmage, staying until the punt.
      6. Receiving team may try to ‘block the punt,’ but may not cross the line of scrimmage.
      7. If the punt goes into the end zone, the ball is placed on the 10 yard line.
      8. 5/6 Grade League – No punting inside the 20 yard line
      9. 7/8 Grade League – No punting inside the 30 yard line
    3. After a Safety, Kicking Team may punt of kick. Kick is from the 20 Yard Line.
  2. Flag Pulled
    1. The Ball Carrier is "Down" when flag has been removed and dropped to the ground
  • To aid referees, players are to raise both hands immediately after making a legal tag.
    1. The Ball Carrier is down when knee touches the ground.
    2. No holding of any kind allowed while attempting to remove flag or to retard a player’s progress.
    3. Tackling is not allowed.
    4. Leaving the feet to tag a Ball Carrier, whether successful or not, is not allowed.
      1. The player guilty of (b, c, or d) is not a legal flag remover and play may continue until the Ball Carrier has had a flag leagally removed
  • PENALTY for b. c. d. = 10 Yards from where play is completed.
  • (Any contact of ball carrier/reciever BELOW THE KNEES will be considered Tackling.)
    1. Pushing a Ball Carrier (or ANY player) unnecessarily hard, or other unnecessary roughness, is not allowed.
  • PENALTY – (Personal Foul) 15 yards and 1st Down. (Disqualified if Flagrant)
    1. Blockers may block with their arms folded and block with their forearms, or with hands extended, but may not hold the Defender. Blockers may not leave their feet to block.
      • PENALTY – 10 Yards from Line of Scrimmage
    2. No Defensive Player may touch the Center in any manner until he has passed the ball and moved 1 foot from his original position and becomes a blocker.
      1. Defensive Players may not lineup within 2 yards of the Center.
  • PENALTY – (Personal Foul) 15 yards and 1st Down. (Disqualified if flagrant)
    1. There are basically ‘no fumbles1’.
    2. A fumbled snap is blown dead at the spot the ball touches the ground.
    3. Any other fumble is immediately blown dead at the spot the ball touches the ground.
    4. Muffed punts or kicks are dead and spotted where the ball touches the ground.
    5. Punts ‘blocked’ are marked at the spot the ball touches the ground.
    6. 1The ONLY Exception is if a fumbled ball is caught by the defense without it touching the ground.
      1. The ball is live and may be advanced by the retrieving team.
    1. Any rule not described here follows WIAA (NFHS) Rules.
    2. ANY pass BEHIND the line of scrimmage is considered a lateral.
      1. That is, even if forward, if behind the line, it is a lateral.
      2. If behind line of scrimmage, offense may throw more than one (no limit) forward pass.
    3. Defensive players MAY NOT STRIKE an offensive player above the shoulders.
      1. Any blow to the neck or head area is a personal foul -  √ 15-yard penalty
    4. No striking with the fists, locked hands or elbows; kicking; kneeing; tripping; hand to the head, face or neck of the opponent.
      • Penalty – (Personal Foul)15-yards and 1st Down, Disqualified if flagrant
    5. Neither a player or non-player may interfere with the play by any act which is CLEARLY UNFAIR and which is not specifically provided for in these rules.
      • PENALTY - Referee may enforce any penalty they deem APPROPRIATE.
    6. Clarification: All 15 Yard Penalties are Personal Fouls and automatic 1st Downs.