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Update - August 20, 2022
These rules apply to both Girls and Boys Programs
Click for Rules sheet - https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/MAISL VBall Rules.pdf
Slight modifications changed in rules on 11-15-21-- no new rules added nor were any dropped -- just more consistency in the wording
   These rules are identical to the set posted to the Sport Rules Folder on the Document Page
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 - https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/March 12-19 VBall Coaches Handout.pdf
MAISL Girl's Volleyball
Please see current Volleyball Rules on "DOCUMENTS PAGE"

 Click on this link for the MAISL Volleyball RulesCCCC
The latest trend in hair decoration is feathers woven into the hair.  The WIAA interpretation is that this is not allowed in the sports of volleyball and cross country. This is due to the metal attachment that is often used to attach the feather to the hair. While it is possible that there are feather attachments that are not "hard and unyielding", for the sake of consistency and expediency, all feathers in the hair are illegal.

VolleyLites will be used in the 5th and 6th Grade Leagues.  Servers in those leagues will now move back to a serving position no more than 5' in from the baseline
(or 25' back from the net on a full size court)

Several of the teams in the 7th and 8th grade leagues have started to use the 6-2 offense which has the setter coming forward from the back row.  Some have been getting called for rule violations and are confused with the rule.  We discussed this at our Oct 27th board meeting and received clarification of the rule.
We/MAISL believed that the setter just couldn't block or attack the ball but the rule listed below, clarifies that the "attacking" part of the call is based on the position of the ball when it's hit, combine with where the back row person is positioned on the court.
 WIAA Volleyball-- Rule 9, section 5 article 5.
 A back row player shall not;

A; participate in a completed block
B; attack a ball which is completely above the height of the net while positioned;
    1. On or in front of the attack line or its out of bounds extension
    2. In the air, having left the floor on or in front of the attack line or its out of bounds

Note;  An illegal back row attack shall not be called until the ball has completely crossed the net or is legally blocked by the opponent.

Julie Schmitt– Volleyball Program Commissioner

2010 WIAA Volleyball Rules Bulletin #2
Please see the posting on the "Documents Page".  We have taken excerpts from the bulletin and they are posted for your review and for the continuing education of our coaches and referees

RE: Player substitution for an injured player

If I have substituted all of my players into a game and another player is injured and needs to come out of the game, am I allowed to use one of my players on the bench (who has already paired with someone else by substitution) to fill in the spot or do I have to play short? 

You may use one of the players on the bench for the injured player.  However, the injured player cannot re-enter the game nor can the player coming off the bench sub back in for the first player they were subbing with throughout that game.

Example 1
Player C has not subbed in for any other player nor has a player subbed in for C.  A subs for B and B is on the bench.  C gets injured.  C is out for the game nor matter how good she feels.  If all of the players on the bench have already subbed in for another player, B may come in for C but must remain in the game in C's place and may not sub back in for A throughout the game nor can any other player sub in for C because all subs would have been used up.  In essence, B becomes C.  
 Example 2
Player X has subbed in for Y.  X gets injured.  X is out for the duration of the game no matter how good she feels.  Y comes in for the remainder of the game and no one may sub in for Y in place of X even if there are unused players on the bench (unless Y gets injured too - in which case I would wonder why these kids are so injury-prone.)


WIAA Volleyball Rules Bulletin
Please see posting on the "Documents Page" for this update.  We have taken excerpts from this bulletin and posted them for your review and use as a
tool for the continuing education of our coaches and referees

5th & 6th Grade Service Line
The 5th & 6th Grade Leagues will be able to serve from a line 25' back from the net with the use of VolleyLites
A "Do Over" will be allowed on the first service (overhand or underhand) of each rotation for 5th Grade Only.  A "Do Over" will be allowed if the first attempted overhand serve does not go over the net for 6th grade. 
The ball must be between the antenna and over the net to qualify as a valid serve.  
If the first serve does not meet this criteria, the player is allowed a re-serve. A serve outside the antenna will warrant a re-serve