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Updated - November 17, 2021 -- 1:05PM CDT
2021 MAISL Flag Football


2021 FINAL Tournament Bracket for games to be played at Edgewood HS on Nov 6 & 7
Click for bracket: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/2021 F-FBall Tourn.pdf

2021 First Round Tournament Games

5/6 League - First Round games
Thursday, October 28th at 4:30PM
Thut Park - #4 QP-6th vs #5 SMG-white   This game will still play on October 28th as scheduled
Waunona Park - #3 BSS vs #6 High Point  POSTPONED until Monday, Nov 1st at Waunona  - Coaches and schools were contacted
Friday, October 29th at 4:30PM

Thut Park - #1 ECS vs #8 SMG-Red
Waunona Park - #2 ALCS vs #7 QP-5th
7/8 League - First Round
Monday, November 1st at 4:30PM
Thut Park #4 Lighthouse vs #5  Edgewood
If things go well ALL other games will be November 6 & 7 at the Edgewood HS turf field
Saturday, Nov 6th starting at 9AM and completing approx 445PM
Sunday, November 7th will be the Medal games staring at Non and ending approx 5:00PM
Upon completion of first round games a formal bracket will be sent out with the times for EHS


2021 - 5/6 Grade League Schedule -- REVISED - 9-16-2021
Click on Link -https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/2021 MAISL 5-6 FBall.pdf

2021 - 7/8 Grade League Schedule -- REVISED - 9-16-2021
Click on Linkhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/3885/2021 MAISL 7-8 FBall.pdf


UPDATE -- October 20, 2021 - 11:40AM CDT

Hopefully this completes the list of games
to be rescheduled for MAISL Flag Football 2021

Monday, October 25th
Thut - 7/8 League   Edgewood vs Lighthouse
Waunona - 5/6 League   QP-6th vs Abundant Life

Tuesday, Oct 26th
Thut - 5/6 League   Blessed Sacrament vs Edgewood
Wednesday, October 27th
Thut - 5/6 League   Abundant Life vs QP-5th
Waunona - 5/6 League High Point vs QP-6th
There will be a few 5/6 preliminary games for the tournament on October 28 & 29, these dates were always
on the schedule as event dates.  They will most likely be 5/6 League games since that is an 8 team league and
we need first round games.  It is still TBD if we have a consolation round in the 5/6 Tournament due to lack of
daylight after Oct 31st. We could play a few games early but may need to run 9 Minute Qtrs and shortened
half-time to complete prior to darkness.  All 5/6 teams would play 1st round, 4 of the 8 move on to Semis and
then the winners play for Championship and the losing teams from the Semis play for 3rd place



Tag-A-Flag Sonic flag belts are recommended but older velcro version may be used
Coaches have asked about the NFL Play 60 belts and at the 2021 Coach's Meeting these were approved

2021 MAISL Flag Football Schedules

Have been emailed to Principals, Schools and MAISL Reps
   REVISED version 9-16-2021 was sent approx 11:35AM CDT on Sept 16th

 IMPORTANT INFO for 2021 <<<

Field locations - Thut -- High Point Christian and Abundant Life Christian may be used
(other possible fields still TBD)

Tues & Thur are "normal" 5/6 League days while Mon & Wed are 7/8 League days

Fridays are Rain Dates (league TBD) and some Saturdays could be used as needed

2021 Knights of Columbus Punt, Pass & Kick Competition
SEPTEMBER ?? -- 3:30PM
  Will be held at Klief Park located behind St James School
Application will be posted on Documents Page of MAISL website soon
we will also send to Schools and MAISL Football Coaches
No MAISL football games scheduled that day so students may participate
Parent Letter: coming soon
Application: comng soon


2021 MAISL Football schedules will be posted to the website "Documents Page", emailed to Principals, MAISL Reps., Coaches, Referees.

We will use this page in case there are any changes, adjustments, postponements and/or cancellations of games

  Important Dates for Football 2021
Start of Practice - August 25th
Team Registration, Field Use and Principal Approved No Play Requests with clarification - 5PM September 8th
Fall Sports Coach's Meeting - Sept ?? (TBD)
This is a MANDATORY MEETING for all Head Coaches
Schedules Out - September 14th (?)
Principal Verified Rosters Due -TBD
Start of Season - September 20th for Flag Football
End of Season - October 31st for Flag Football

End of Season Tournaments

   As in the past we hope to use the last week of October as a time for rain-outs and if we are fortunate enough
   to have time/days still available we will have a 5/6 and a 7/8 Grade League Tournament
   We are working on having our Tournaments on the EHS turf field again this season - stay tuned!!!

Dates of Play
   5/6 Grade League - Tuesday, Thursday (and Fridays as needed)
   7/8 Grade League - Monday & Wednesday (and Fridays as needed)
   We may on occasion use a "Non-Badger" Saturday for league play if necessary
   "Normal" game times are 4:30PM - if we have enough teams and need to double-up on Mondays
   we will start at 4:00 & 5:00PM.  Any Saturday games would be - TBD.